Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Be SURE to Insure!

I know that most peoples Scotty blogs are about the triumph of taking a wounded, often abandoned diamond in the rough and making it shine to perfection. My story has been a bit more of a twisted tale of the trials and tribulations of hitting bumps in the road and (hopefully) recovering from them. Since my last entry after returning from Salisbury Beach, Mass, we have been out of power and incredibly busy, so this is just a little update on what's gone on since Louis made his trip home on the back of a tow truck. The second the tow truck pulled into our driveway, I could tell something was wrong. Upon closer examination, the back skins were ripped off when the driver pulled Louis up onto the back of the flatbed. Disappointing, but not totally tragic, I watched as he lowered Louis onto our driveway. Instead of slowly rolling him off the flatbed, the gentleman (and I use that word lightly) pushed Louis off, scraping him on the ground below then started to raise the flatbed while the tongue was still on the back of the truck. The next few seconds happened in freeze frame as I watched in horror as the driver allowed Louis to slam onto the ground from approximately four and a half feet airborne (his rear wheels were off the ground, he was so high). When the tongue hit the ground with that force, you guessed it, the frame bent. WHAT NEXT, I thought??? Furious with my questioning him and complaints about how he handled my trailer, the driver took off. Thankfully, I have great insurance and, of course, Louis is covered. The long and the short of all of this, thank goodness I do have insurance, because my coverage will cover everything I have to do to make Louis roadworthy again. I've learned many lessons in the process of putting this little gem on the road, but as very important one is to protect your investment, no matter what it is!