Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to basics

I love gadgets and after Irene ripped through our neighborhood and Louis' left side, I'm happy to have things like my iPad, IPhone and iPod. That said, it makes me insane that I can't figure out how to upload photos from the last few days on my iPad. Power, you guessed it, is still out in our neck of the woods five days after Irenes not so classy exit. The storm, however, also reminded me how important it is to prepare for natural disasters (the southern Californian in me is well aware of the importance to stock pile for natural catastophries). As campers, I think we are a few steps ahead of the rest. My battery operated candles have not died yet, the Coleman lanterns I purchased at target light up our dark nights and the stove in the Scotty has already prepared several warm meals on the last few cool evenings. Back to modern conveniences for just a second...the photos I wanted to share were of the progress I've made with the post Irene makeover of louis. Dare I say, I think he will be back up and running by next week! I used this setback as an opportunity to make Louis better than ever. In my initial restoration of him I only removed the front and rear skins, ignoring the sides because they were in pretty sound shape. Now I've been given the opportuniy, thanks to mother nature, to add new insulation and an extra protective layer of tyvek (used in home projects to protect exterior plywood). Luckily I had extra tyvek and insulation from Louis part one, so no money was spent on this project. Once the power is back on I will add photos to this post to share, but until then it's back to Louis I go!