Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Prince and the Pea

My niece loves nothing more than for her Uncle Paul to read a bedtime story to her before she heads off to dreamland. Before she could read my job was a lot easier, but now she'll catch me and say things like, "Uncle Paul, that isn't how the story goes..are you sure you know how to read??" Inspector Gidget has figured out my little secret of speed reading by telling a shortened version of the story. So, a few nights ago via Skype (wow, technology, huh?) I sat at my computer in New York and Devin at hers in LA and I read her The Princess and the Pea (she was on her her age I had a Tonka truck and was happy as a pig in mud..). Devin had many questions as I stumbled through the pages (she hasn't grasped time changes yet, so her 9:00 PM bedtime was a bit late for me). She didn't understand why the Princess was acting like, well, such a Princess about the comfort of her bed. In the end, I explained to Devin, the princesses behavior proved to the Price that she was indeed a Princess, as she felt a tiny pea under a stack of mattresses. Unlike the stories I've told in the past, I dragged this one out with Devin and explained that her Uncle, too, was a very picky sleeper. In fact, choosing a comfortable mattress is one of the most important tasks I face when designing a house, for me or clients. When I first bought Louis, for example, I placed an extra long twin mattress in the back to use as a daybed/comfortable bed. Because I knew it would always only be me camping, I knew a twin would do the trick. A few months later, after a torrential rain hit our area (see blog entry: and sometimes I hate when it rains), the mattress was soaked beyond repair. Thanks to a suggestion from a Scotty member, I headed to the Hobby Lobby where I found foam pads at 75% off. Because I tend to be picky with bed comfort, I bought three to make it extra comfy then headed next door to Target where I bought this great foam mattress pad for $9! Stick a boulder under my bed now and I won't feel a thing!
WHAT THIS PROJECT COST ME: The foam pieces at Hobby Lobby were $15/each and the mattress topper was $9, far less than a standard mattress.
WHAT I LEARNED: While I thought the twin mattress was a great idea initially, it was WAY too big to have as a full time daybed. No matter how many pillows I placed on it, the depth was too awkward for adults to sit comfortable. Now, while a bit thinner, it is perfect for sleeping, sitting, reading, etc. and frees up a lot of space in the trailer.

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