Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'll admit it, I often can't help myself when it comes to accessorizing anything! As an Interior Designer I guess I've got somewhat of an excuse, but even when it came to fluffing up my Scotty, I just couldn't resist when I saw anything and everything aqua in stores like The Christmas Tree Store, Home Goods and Ikea (which all seemed to be overflowing then and now with fun things).  In fact, while driving in sleet and snow over three hours into the deep crevices of Pennsylvania to pick up Louis, while knew it would be a lot of work to get him camping again, I couldn't get my mind off of all the cool vintage items I could purchase!  Some would call this knick-knack equity, I call it plain ole fun stuff!  You've probably seen older posts where I found great re-usable wallpaper (which is still in excellent shape, even after a few leaks!), great rugs, inexpensive curtains, etc. and the hunting hasn't stopped!  While shopping for a design client the other day at Ikea in Paramus, New Jersey I stumbled upon the aqua metal vases in the top photo.  Priced from $2.99 in three different sizes, I thought these would be great for organizing kitchen tools, outdoor grilling items, bathroom necessities (the handle makes it easy to take everything with you to the camp bath) or just great decor for your picnic table!  The aqua folding chairs I found in the next aisle led to and A.D.D. filled craft project.  While I think these are great, paying $29.99 for a folding chair just doesn't seem right at this point (I mean, Louis needs tires and walls and....well, a LOT, so that money could be better spent.  Channeling my inner deal-finder, I stopped into an antique store on the way home where I found two similar chairs for $5 for the pair, zipped over to Ace Hardware for the right spray paint and in two shakes had to fabulous chairs.  Sure I've put the cart before the horse here, but finding great little treasures like these just inspire me to push on with my restoration project!


  1. Pauul, I am re-doing a 1972 Frolic that I've dubbed the Pink Paradise. I can completely relate to your posts. I think re-doing a camper is so much fun - can't wait to get back into it this spring. I think the hunt for goodies to decorate is just as fun and challenging! Here is a link(s) to my PP

  2. Paul, I'm a Gemini too! I just bought a trailer just like yours solid but in bad need of restoration! I'm a retired floral designer, crafty and love to decorate anything. This is my New Project! I love yours and hope that I can restore my little trailer as you did! Great Job!! You have inspired me so much that I am more excited now than before! Wish Me luck!