Wednesday, June 25, 2014


CONFESSIONS OF A TRUE TRAILER AFICIONADO: This blog entry is about fourteen months late.  What can I say, it's been a crazy year!  Yet another confession: while I am in awe of the people I have met (and read about) who have done complete restorations on their vintage trailers, I'm just not the guy to do it.  Maybe I don't have the attention span, the skills or the patience…I'm not sure, but I do know that the overwhelming project that sat in front of me with Louis was far too much to bare alone (keep in mind, my other half…who I've renovated several houses with…does not camp, does not like trailers and certainly doesn't like LITTLE trailers).  So, I'm on my own.  While Louis sat looking like a sad, cold bowl of soup in our backyard, I desperately wanted to get camping again.  My budget was tight and my expectations were high (as mentioned above, I wanted one that I could DECORATE, not BUILD).  Low and behold one of my Scotty buddies, Don, shot me an email to say he'd found a little diamond resting in the rough countryside of New York…just a few miles away from my house.  So, last April I brought him home (the trailer, that is..not Don).  Meet DOC, named after my father who passed away when I was three…if you purchase my book, I'm donating part of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in his name.  Yes, these photos were taken a year ago, so progress shots are forthcoming.  While the previous owners removed the inner workings (stove, sink, refrigerator, toilet, etc.) he did an excellent job on making sure the electric worked, put new tires on it, there are NO LEAKS WHATSOVER (knock on trailer wood) and it's clean, clean, clean!  I've loved camping in a trailer that WORKS and I've had even more fun decorating him.  Stay tuned for more shots of this fabulous 1968 Scotty Gaucho 15'!

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