Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Behind Window #3

In my family if I ask for someones opinion I usually get 10. If I don't ask for an opinion, I get at least 20! When it comes to working on this great little Scotty, however, I love all the opinions and advice I've been getting to make Louis as perfect as he can be..or at least as good as I can make him! I've obviously been in a little battle with myself about where to place an Air Conditioning unit and have received countless great ideas. However, as I've heard over and over, no two Scotty's are alike (or something like that), as is the case when opening up a cabinet where something should be, only to find nothing but mouse droppings and dog hair. While someone might have almost the same trailer as mine, maybe I have an extra door where they don't or a water tank positioned a tad different than theirs. Yet one more thing that makes these trailers so unique in my opinion! The latest advice on where to place my cooling system, I believe, is what's going to work best. Thank you, Rose, for opening my eyes to something that was right in front of me that I never would have seen had my nose not been pushed right into it. My 79 HiLander has a rear escape hatch (that sounds cooler than it is, it's actually an emergency window exit). Now, I'd certainly seen the red window pulls and markings for an emergency exit but assumed it would fly off, blast out into the universe, never to be seen again. Well, this isn't the Space Shuttle, it's a Scotty and, thankfully, that didn't happen. Rose suggested I open this when at camp and place an ac unit in the opening. Why didn't I think of that? So, now I just need to design a shelf with support brackets strong enough to hold the unit on the outside of the trailer and some kind of insulation so I don't look like a cast member from the Beverly Hillbillies when at camp. Once again, I asked and I received some great advice from my Scotty pals. Thanks so I've got to go cool off!


  1. I didn't know there was an escape hatch either! OH HOW COOL! What a perfect spot for your ac ... and removable too.

  2. Wow....I didn't know ANY of them had an escape hatch! I'll have to look at my Hilander and see if it is like that! Oh wait...there are NO windows in it at the moment. Hahaa

  3. I thought my JS715 just had a sign by that window saying it was an escape...then I looked at the window I had taken out and sure enough--an escape window!!! Who would have thunk it! :-)

  4. We have that a/c solution well covered on one of our a/c pages in the NSSO site:

    Jerry's didn't come with that window but he was lucky enough to obtain one at a trailer salvage place. We should all be so lucky!

  5. First off, I really love "Louis" you are an incredible designer and I think I've seen you on the shows but I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember which one. It seems every few months they're coming out with 2 or 3 new ones but back to important matters. A good friend of mine, who actually brought the love of Scotty's into my life and now I'm up to my 2nd in 7 months, chooses not to use her stove inside and so mounted her small A/C unit near the floor under her table which is braced by the tongue of the trailer. Looks great, very neat and is pretty handy since the cold air flows down the camper quite nicely. I had temporarily placed ours in the emergency window only to find that as I was sitting on the gaucho reading a book, it became very cold and the front of the camper was not cool so I think we're going to try this or another camper mounted it under the bed in the back near the floor. Out of site but still very useful. Keep up the great design and btw: I had some of the very same ideas as well as color schemes that you used; my friend, Debbie, was showing me your blog and my mouth fell open when I saw it. Awesome!
    Sherry Muzyka
    Alabama & "PJ" (my Pride and Joy