Tuesday, August 30, 2011

COME ON, Irene!!!

Well, it's officially the calm AFTER the storm of Irene. I realized, after walking our property and seeing the fallen trees, our driveway turned into a gushing river and, finally, a huge tree fallen on Louis, that I have nothing to complain about. Things happen. Mother Nature has a way of putting a road block in front of you every now and then, but at least we are here to talk about it today. So, while I was a bit depressed about the new wide-open space on the side of Louis, I'm excited to put him back together and get camping already! To inspire me even more (and maybe a slight ADD distraction) I went on vistaprint.com today and ordered coffee mugs of Louis' progress from when I brought him first home until last week, when I was sipping cocktails in him, proud of the work I've done to bring him back. While he dries out in the bright sunshine today, I will head to the hardware store, grab a few essentials and get back to work on putting him back together. Upon closer examination, while Joe said "it's a total loss" I took the less dramatic road and realized, after doing this once before, if I SLOW down and look at each piece of this puzzle, it really isn't that tough to fix. Well, I'd better leave Starbucks, head to the hardware store and get back to work. I will post pics of Louis once our power is back up and running!
(By the way, the coffee mug idea is actually really cool and only costs $5 at www.vistaprint.com. Upload any photo and you'll have your mug (s) in less than two weeks!)

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