Monday, August 1, 2011

Two steps forward, one project behind

Well, ADD kicked into high gear this weekend, clearly. When designing a clients home I usually like to be left alone because my process is quite frenetic. I'll place a sofa in a corner and move it to another room five minutes later. Design, in my mind, is an organic process, constantly evolving until the perfect look and feel is achieved. This process doesn't necessarily work all of the time, as was the case today when I went to cut the opening for my new ac unit in Louis. Yesterday, excited to get a jump on this project and desperate to see progress before demolition, I adjusted the bed size inside (mainly so I could add a bit more room and not hinder airflow if the ac was hidden under the bed). When I opened Louis rear (that sounds awful...but looking at it I did have to laugh), I noticed my water tank blocking the space where (in my minds eye) I thought was the perfect spot to slip in an ac unit. It's always something, huh? For a nano second I thought about moving the tank but it just doesn't look like that's possible. So, back to the drawing board I go, most likely placing the ac back in the window in the rear. As I mentioned before, I'd like to make this a mobile unit, so in the winter or when I don't need the AC I can leave it at home and not have the eye sore of a big bump out my rear window. Anyway, I'm happy with the new sofa/bed situation inside, but I've got to think a little bit more on the placement of the ac. Humm.

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