Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making my bed and sleeping in it

This weekend was positively gorgeous on the east coast. Warm, dry and crystal clear so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to get working on installing an air-conditioning unit before the sweltering heat and humidity returns like an unwelcome relative. So, to start the process I had to re-address another project I attacked shortly after buying Louis. I removed the overhead bunk, not only because it was totally rotted out, but because I will never need that space as a sleeping area and I wanted to acquire more headroom for adults sitting on the rear sofa. Initially, mostly to save money, I placed a twin mattress from a daybed we had on the back bed area. It was comfortable for sleeping, but as you can see it took up more space than I realized (I had to pull the unit out to almost full-sleep mode at all times). If I'm installing an ac unit under the bed from the outside, I need to cut a hole under the bed, so assumed I'd get rid of the twin and bought foam from the Hobby Lobby (thanks for the great tip, Becky!). I'm not a big guy (5'11" and about 170 on a good day) so pushing the bed back to sofa size is just perfect for me. Where I lost the under bed storage with my sassy aqua colored bins, I created shelving for them on either side of the bed. I was SHOCKED at what just a few square feet can do..literally about eight...but it makes a world of difference. Now I've placed the dining table back where it goes and can put my folding table next to the sofa when I'm using it as my home office. Next step, cut the opening and insert the ac unit!
WHAT I DID: To prepare the bed for adult sleeping AND the twin mattress, I reinforced the bed supports back in April. So, I removed them, took the mattress out and purchased two 76" x 27" foam pieces at Hobby Lobby for 30% off (about $36). Placing them both on top of each other, I've created a comfy sofa and great sleeping area.


  1. Paul, that second picture down is just stunning!!
    As our "Angus, the Hilander" sits in shambles, my mind is just buzzing about what the inside will eventually look like.

  2. I see what you mean about the size of the bed. We made mine a full bed up to the cabinets. As soon as Ted got it finished, I looked at it and said "Man, that is a REALLY BIG bed!" It really does take up alot of that end of the camper! I'm going to try it that way for a while a see how I like it. It may be downsized, too! Ted is not going to like that!

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