Friday, June 27, 2014


Now that I have the perspective of living with what I've done to my new (old) Scotty, Doc, for the last year, offering advice is a little easier because I can actually tell you how my decisions have worked for me.  In the vintage trailer world I think there are two kinds of people: those who insist on maintaining the integrity of the original details of the camper, and those that just have fun with designing something to suit their needs and tastes.  While I've maintained the original colors on the outside (more on that later), I always like to have fun inside.  I'm a designer, do you blame me?  The top photo was taken in April of 2013 when I first picked up Doc…he'd been primed and painted white on the inside (a nice, clean slate, I thought) and all facilities had been removed including the counters (they did keep dinette table and swing up counter extension, though).  As a quick counter fix (and to get ready for my first camping outing) I simply cut a pice of plywood to fit, painted in AQUA and decided to deal with focusing on that project later (you'll soon see the final result of the countertop, too).  I wanted the interior of Doc to be fun, bright and somewhat true to the time (although it seems to skew more to the 70's than 60's).  A little research found these cool sticky tiles on  When they arrived in the mail I was as excited as one would be to get a bill from the IRS…not terribly thrilled!  Once they went on, though, I changed my tune.  I can honestly say these have been a fantastic addition to my back splash and EVERYONE feels the need to touch them because they can't believe it's just a big sticker!  They're easy to cut, simple to install and have endured the harsh northeast humidity and freezing temperatures without falling off!  Better yet, they weigh NOTHING!  And, oh yeah, I added aqua paint to the cabinets too…again, more on that later!

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