Friday, June 27, 2014


Interior Design 101: Sometimes what looks beautiful in your minds eye is a completely different story when you're actually staring at it!  Because I loved the temporary wallpaper I put in my HiLander, Louis, I thought I would do the same in Doc.  I quickly learned the beauty of tempaper…you can take it right out without leaving a trace behind!  Instead I headed over to the Christmas Tree Shop (I think this is only a northeastern store, so sorry for those of you west of the Mississippi!) where I picked up these curtain valances for $1.25/for two!  Because the majority of the windows in Doc are smaller (with an exception of the front and rear above the gaucho) the valances fit perfectly.  With a little barter of dinner for sewing, I talked my mother-in-law into letting out the top seam to make them a bit longer.  And, yes, I'm a designer who doesn't sew!  At any rate, for less than $10 I have curtains that look fabulous and keep my late night campground striptease private!

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