Friday, April 22, 2011


Because I'm trying to do this renovation as inexpensively as possible (before I resort to holding a sign on the street corner that reads, "will design for wine") I'm trying to use a lot of the ideas I've executed in home staging projects. After walking the aisles of Home Depot searching for inspiration, I came upon canvas drop cloths (12'x12') in white and tan and, I thought, that would be great fabric. While most likely next to impossible to sew, it's easy to staple gun it! In a master bedroom I created a headboard by using plywood, foam and the $5 drop cloth I bought at Home Depot to design a clean, modern almost linen-look. So, why the heck not do the same thing in Scotty? Because I'm going to use the back bed as a daybed, I wanted it to be more warm than the front dining area. Because the trailer is so small, by the way, my plan is to create "areas" to give the illusion of a larger space. So, I've attached bead board to the front dinette wall which will be painted a very similar to Scotty-aqua. The rear area I wanted to be more warm and comfy for reading, chatting, watching SOMEONE cook (I don't), so I thought fabric would be really cool. The ceiling will all be aluminum so I didn't want that to come down next to where I'm sleeping, so I attached the canvas to the top of the windows and staple-gunned away, carefully cutting around the openings with an exacto knife. The fabric can then be rolled up or down (like campers of the 40's).
WHAT I DID: Took that Home Depot Canvas and went to town. Because it's so easy to work with and inexpensive, it's okay if I screw it up!
COST OF THIS: Again, I used left overs so NOTHING, but 12'x12' run about $5-$8 at Home Depot and would make great seat cushions too!
HOW LONG IT TOOK: About twenty minutes

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