Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, after rolling Scotty into our rainy mess of a driveway, I decided to get a jump start on resourcing how to renovate him on a TIGHT budget. When I say tight, I mean I have NO money to spend on this as we face a big move, etc. so I've allowed myself a budget of $500. I also thought that might present an interesting challenge, much like a design project where a client's budget is much lower than their expectations. So, here I go. With a quick google search of "Serro Scotty" I landed on the Serro Scotty Camper Enthusiasts website where I quickly met a great new group of friends. I've seen their restoration photos, heard the stories of how they found and rebuilt them, discovered a wealth of information about sourcing vintage parts, etc. While the classic Serro Scotty colors are aqua, white and yellow, I've decided to pay homage to the group that got me so excited about camping; the Airstreams. So, I want to paint mine a classic silver, white roof and accent it with the vintage Serro Scotty Aqua. First things first, I have to do a reality walk through and see what's going on. Oh dear...the morning after aint pretty, but I'm up for the task!
WHAT I DID: Decided, much like avoiding credit card bills, just to open it up and look at all the dirty parts to access how much work will have to be done. Then, I picked my starting point; the design of my scotty has an overhead cabinet/bunk in the rear over the sofa bed, which I would like to turn into a comfy daybed for adults by day, and bed for me by night. So, to give more headroom, I will need to remove the bunk cabinet from above. Also, I'd like to use a fairly new twin mattress I have on an unused daybed in our home, so I will be adding a bit of weight to the Scotty. By removing the overhead bunk cabinet and wood, I make (weight) room for the mattress as well.
TIME IT TOOK: Less than an hour. I was very careful in ripping it out, however, not to rip the walls, etc.

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