Thursday, April 28, 2011


The title of this blog, "Aqua with Envy" is not meant to communicate that what you will see transform in my trailer is something to be envious of. Rather, the hundreds of photos I've seen of other people's renovation and restoration projects on both Scotty Enthusiasts websites have made me envious of the vision, drive and pure passion people have had for these great little trailers. Quite honestly, it's also scared the heck out of me. Just like renovating an old house (or new, for that matter), you never know the scope of the project until you open up the walls. And the walls in Louis were a MESS! Where water damage was obvious (some of the plywood walls has rotted to the point of turning into a substance that looked like sand) I removed the rot and replaced the wood with new pieces, new insulation and, at times, an aluminum barrier with Tyvek to protect the wood. Even if I didn't need to replace some of the interior walls the damage was a bit unsightly, something a little primer and paint would NOT hide. So, I did a little research again for "vintage" and "retro" wallpaper covers. I knew that traditional paper would most likely not work because of the drastic changes of weather in the northeast. Our incredibly humid summers would probably peel paper in no time. I put my Interior Designer hat on and found a great company, Tempaper, who designs wallpapers specifically for people with changing tastes and tight budgets. If you're staging a home for the real estate market, these hip wallpapers might be just the trick for, say, a half bath to hip it up and sell that house! Easy to install and even easier to remove, the papers are made of thick, durable plastic with interesting, retro yet modern designs. If you like the look and want to keep it, no problem. The paper will stay in place as long as you like. To hide a few of the blemishes on my walls and hip it up a bit, I bought a roll of Tempaper on for $56. Urban Outfitters also sold the same paper for $76/roll and the website sells for $76/roll as well. One roll covers 56 square feet, so lemmie get rolling and see how this one turns out!
WHAT I DID: Researched vintage papers and found this great, durable brand.
WHAT THIS PROJECT COST: $56 for a roll of paper which was delivered via Amazon in two days
HOW DIFFICULT THIS PROJECT WAS: So far, so good. Just unroll the paper, stick it and you've got a great look in no time. I'll post photos tomorrow if it turns out the way i want it!

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