Monday, April 18, 2011


A little girl looked at me yesterday in the Post Office, smiled and said, "Mister, a bird pooped on you." Well, it didn't actually (but isn't that good luck if it had?). My birth mark is a tiny grey spot of hair over my right ear and I have never, ever not heard someone say something about it. Why not dye it? Because it's part of who I am. Also part of who I am is to ramble on and on, so I've decided after the last entry that I would make these entry's more like my design blog. Short and to the point. While I LOVE this new Scotty and it's great retro colors, I also want to make it my own, so have chosen to paint it Grey in certain areas. Just like Hansel, I haven't found the color that's juuuuuust right (it was Hansel with the Bears, right?). I found what I believe is close to the Scotty Aqua at walmart, called "beach blue" so I grabbed a few cans to test it out. I'm also repainting the white and will do that and the grey in Rustoleum to protect the finish. Humm...I'm sure I'll do this several times, but think it needs more Aqua.
WHAT I DID: Used a brillo pad to sand down what previous owners had painted with a brush. It is what it is, for now, so I'm just going with it. Bought two cans of Beach Blue Rustoleum Spray paint from walmart and two cans of grey and white Rustoleum exterior paint. These are OIL based, so I bought inexpensive brushes so not to destroy my more expensive interior brushes.
HOW LONG IT TOOK: I was surpirsed, less than two hours!


  1. Uhhh Paul?
    I'm pretty sure it was GOLDILOCKS and the 3 Bears!

    Hahahaaa Thanks for my morning chuckle

  2. So you painted the whole camper with a paintbrush and Rustoleum? I would think you would have to use a paint sprayer at the least....My husband would have heart failure! LOL!!