Saturday, April 23, 2011


When I bought the Scotty he had been renovated (like some homes) by people with very different taste than mine. No judgements, of course, but it looked like a Pizza Hut, complete with red stained carpet and red accents everywhere. When I removed the red carpet it revealed the cool, very 70's yellow and brown linoleum original to the Scotty. Sadly, where the previous owner skimped on carpeting the whole floor, they painted bright red. So, I headed to Lowe's to find another alternative, planning to get stick tiles of some sort. What I found surprised me. Now, I wouldn't put these in your home unless in a basement, laundry, etc. but these stick wood strips came in 4"x24" pieces for $1/each. Colors varied from dark to light, so I went right in the middle with an oak finish. Sure, it's not staying true to the integrity of the original design, but I thought it looked nice and will go well with my stainless/retro green/fabric walled ensemble I have going on here. Hopefully it won't look like a hooker den when I'm finished!!
WHAT I DID: Bought one box of laminate sticky wood strips at Lowe's for $32.50, and went to town sticking them on the floor for a great finish.
HOW LONG IT TOOK ME: Less than an hour!

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