Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, my little Louis was in pretty bad shape when I picked him up in Pennsylvania earlier this month. In retrospect, I probably took on a much bigger project than I initially anticipated. He leaks more than an employee at Wikileaks, wood is rotten in most spots, smells like mold and, well, needs a heck of a lot of TLC. But, I'm prepared to do that and look forward to the (continuing) challenges of owning an older trailer. One of the first things I wanted to do was repaint the outside of the trailer, maintaining some of the Scotty's integrity with that signature Aqua (which I found at walmart in a Rustoleum brand), yet putting my own signature on the look. I love the silver and aqua together and, after a few major rainstorms, can see how valuable the Rustoleum paint is as the water literally rolls off! A few extra additions I made to the outside was purchasing reflector lights at walmart for $1.65/each, two in red and two in orange. I placed the round reds on either side of the front and the orange on the sides in the rear. While not totally necessary if all other lights work, the more approaching vehicles can see in the dark of night, the better in my opinion. A few other items I added to the outside were found on ebay: the rear Serro Scotty decal I purchased for $15 and original red and black plastic logo for outside the door. While I hate to label, sometimes it's necessary!!
WHAT I DID: went to the camping section at walmart and purchased four reflector lights for under $2/each ($1.65 to be exact). On ebay, searched "Serro Scotty" and found a decal for the back of the trailer and an original logo for the side.
HOW LONG THE PROJECT TOOK: Less than ten minutes
WAS IT DIFFICULT? Not at all and, actually, love the way they look!

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