Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had a minor setback this weekend, after two weeks of painstaking renovations on Louis, we had several storms pass through the area. While I covered Louis with tarps, he still leaked....all over the new beadboard in the dinette area. To say I was a bit depressed, especially after peeling back the skin, replacing the new wood, covering it in Tyvek AND Aluminum, is an understatement. But, I guess that's the same thing that happens with home ownership. Right when you think you're finished with a project or happy with what you've got, something takes a giant crapola on it! So, instead of ripping the skin off yet again, I secured the area a bit tighter with more tarp and plastic, deciding to put that project off for a later, dryer day. Instead I focused on the ceiling, which turned out to be another minor setback. In my minds eye (which tends to focus much easier than my REAL eyes), I pictured a stainless ceiling, bringing a more modern twist to my old Scotty. Well, if you've priced stainless you know it's a fortune, so I turned to the less expensive, easier to work with (or so I was told) alternative of ALUMINUM. This was also the most expensive part of my renovation. At $45 for a 4'x8' sheet, it will take three to cover the ceiling and area behind the stove, leaving me a few extra pieces for exterior work (I placed it as a barrier between the exterior shell and wood on the front, where my tow vehicle water might splash more than normal amounts of water, ignoring the side panel which leaked). Well, Aluminum is NOT as easy to work with as I had hoped. It's hard to cut (I purchased aluminum sheers which you should DEFINITELY wear gloves while working with the sharp edges) and a challenge to drill through. Once I got it up, however, I was pleased with the results. A little aluminum shiner, and my finger prints will be gone!
WHAT I DID: Went to a local lumber yard and purchased three 4x6 sheets of aluminum and aluminum cutters at Home Depot
HOW DIFFICULT: Removing the skin and old wood was FAR easier than this project. But, a deep breath goes a long way!

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