Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And then there are times I can't stand the rain!!!

I remember buying an expensive leather chair at Restoration Hardware one year. I was so excited, yet stressed because I splurged on the purchase, but figured I'd worked hard enough and deserved it. Joe and I went out to celebrate with dinner that night and returned to find the $3,500 chair I'd just purchased chewed into a thousand pieces by our dogs, Bones and Canyon. In that moment I wanted to scream, cry and vomit all at once but instead I told myself, "I won't let this defeat me" and I didn't. We realized we had accidentally locked our doggy door (both Bones...passed away last year...and Canyon are rescue dogs and HATE being locked indoors) so, in an attempt to get out and TELL US HOW ANGRY THEY WERE TO BE LOCKED INSIDE, they destroyed the chair. Today, when I popped back into Louis midday to see if the bathroom was finished I smelled something musty and awful. I looked towards the back and this is what I found....again, my fault. I haven't replaced the rear window yet, only put a plexiglass quick fix up, so what did I expect? The other corner, however, I have no idea why is leaking. So, instead of pushing Louis off a ledge into the Hudson, I will take apart the back roof when the sun comes out and get to the root of the problem. A leather chair is one thing, a Scotty is another. This, too, shall pass.
WHAT I DID: After relieving the total urge to scream and storm off, I weathered this storm and, just like when I started the project, I took it apart piece by piece to find the source. My twin mattress is soaked, so I've put that indoors with a fan and dehumidifier. I then removed the fabric wall I made and the foam behind it. Apparently the marker lights on the rear roof, streetside, are still leaking. So, when the rain stops I will figure that out. And, obviously, I need to replace the rear window where I removed the air conditioning. For a moment I forgot I was no longer in Southern California, so this is a chance I shouldn't have taken and one I'm paying for. BUT, I'm determined not to spend a penny to fix this.
WHAT I LEARNED: I've got to take the time to make sure things are water tight before moving on to the next project!!

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  1. OMG...
    So sorry to see this. I have to say you're taking it very very well. And the chair story! I admire your attitude and you're quite right, this will pass and you'll get it back together buttoned up tight and beautiful again. Take heart! We pulled out the back and lived to tell the tale.