Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Made-In Voyage

I've been away from an Internet connection, so not able to blog, as I took Louis out for his maiden voyage to Mongaup Pond, New York, a campsite about 90 miles northwest of our home in Garrison, NY. I learned several things on this short trip away in my new vacation home on wheels, mainly I have a LOT of work to do. So, before I start on my next project (the bathroom) let me share a few things I learned this weekend:
1.) I have a Toyota Land Cruiser which gulps gas like nobody's business, so I filled her up ($95.00), hooked Louis up and went on our way. The day was crisp and clear but incredibly windy. While it's a fairly uphill drive from here, I found myself "punching the gas" on the hills, which duh, sucked the gas right out. So, I slowed down and enjoyed the journey. At the end of my 220 mile roundtrip journey (with a few rides into town for firewood, etc.) my gas guzzler averaged 12mpg, which isn't terrible. LESSON: Slow down!
2.) Because I wanted my first experience to be perfect, I rushed several projects that ended up (literally) falling apart in transit: mainly the trim work around a new cabinet, etc. I discovered it was time to take my own advice, much like I give to clients when designing a home. Don't get overwhelmed by the projects entirety, but break down the pieces and attack them one by one. So, today I will take down my half-a##ed trim work and start over. LESSON: Taking time to do it right, is indeed the way to get it done properly the first time!
3.) One of my favorite things about this trailer is its size, small enough to light the entire thing up with one lantern and several battery operated candles. I didn't need electrical hookups, just my cool little battery operated lights and solar string for all the illumination I needed. LESSON: While I plan on updating the electric, I know how I use this trailer and don't need it right now! Want vs. NEED.
4.) Dryer sheets are a great way to keep the bugs away! AND to keep rodents out of the trailer when placed in drawers, etc. HOWEVER, the LESSON here was NOT to get the overly scented ones! My trailer ended up smelling like a cross between a whore house (not that I've been) and a used car salesroom.
5.) Getting on the ball; again, I learned to SLOW DOWN when I hooked up initially and couldn't figure out how to get the tongue all the way down on the hitch. It's okay to restart and do it again. LESSON again, SLOW DOWN.
6.) Make a camping list. How did I leave out chocks of all things??? Well, I got busy filling my new cooler and didn't make my check list, so I've devised a general "weekend camping" list on my computer which includes everything from toothpaste to an extra tarp just in case. LESSON: be prepared by making a list.
7.) And, finally, the overall lesson of this journey was to enjoy the moment. Mongaup Pond was such a beautiful, peaceful sight and the entire reason I got into camping as a kid. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and just enjoying it...not worrying about what the SSCE or NSSO will think of my half-finished project when they see it. Just enjoy the process and the point of it all.
Tomorrow, the bathroom project begins!

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