Friday, June 17, 2011

The Good Book

Ok, it's no secret that I've been remiss in posting any photos of work I've done on Louis because, quite honestly, it's been too damn hot or raining like the dickens, so I've been doing most of my work indoors. After my maiden voyage a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to take notes on work I've done and make a list of all the things I've forgotten or haven't gotten to yet. One major thing on that list is addressing the bathroom/closet. I wish I loved the original wallpaper, but it makes me think of a sad basement or nursing home and it smells a bit of urine and moldy water. So, that will be first to go...but before I jump the gun and start redesigning the pretty parts, I have to figure out how the nuts and bolts of it work. A previous owner attached a clothes rod in the middle, which comes in quite handy, so I hung my clothes and stored outdoor chairs, etc. for travel. However, after a few Vodka Tonics campside, three AM came around quickly and when nature called I wanted nothing to do with walking out in nature, so just tested out the facilities in Louis. To my surprise, it wasn't the tragedy I thought it might be. Instead, it left me with several questions. So, I came home and quickly sent out a question to the SSCE and NSSO groups, to which I got amazing replies. So many, in fact, I was a bit overwhelmed. So, just like I'd advise someone attacking a home project to dial themselves down and look at each individual part, I decided to print up the original Scotty manual and all advice from both sites. This way, I have all the answers to my questions in one, cohesive place (you know how difficult it can be to sift through hundreds of emails looking for answers). After a few minutes, I've got an owners manual (with thanks to the great information posted on the SSCE site). I also added photos of other peoples redo's so I can take my binder with me out to the trailer, study it and get to work. The next photos I post here will hopefully be of that Scotty Potty getting a much needed makeover!
WHAT I DID: Hoped on over to Target and picked up a cool binder and protective plastic sheets so my papers don't get dirty or wet. Came home and jumped on the SSCE site, printed up the pages for the Hilander Manual along with emails of advice, and plopped them in the book. Sure, if you buy a Mercedes today they'll give you the owners manual on an ipad, but my version suits me just fine!

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