Monday, June 20, 2011

Instant Gratification

This weekend found me getting down and dirty in Louis bathroom, a project I have put off since I bought him back in April. Why? Quite frankly, the tiny room scared me. It smells, I'm not sure how it works and I just didn't want to screw anything up. But, this weekend I decided to face that fear (especially after my maiden voyage when nature called at 3am and I was too tired to walk the 200 feet to the public restroom, a WORKING restroom can come in handy!) so I put on my work clothes and climbed underneath the trailer, determined to figure this thing out. Because I wasn't sure where to start, I took photos and posted them on the NSSO and SSCE sites for answers, which came in by the dozens. My main question was where does the "stuff" go, because I never saw a tank of any kind. While the commode is raised on a box, it is NOT a holding tank, so upon closer examination I realized that the tank was most likely removed at some point, or never there in the first place. There are lines from the water tank which fill the commode once the lever is pushed, but I believe a separate, portable tank is necessary. So, check that question off of my long list, and now it's time to head back inside and work on the pretty part, like getting rid of the moldy wallpaper and adding my own "flare." You'll have to check back tomorrow for the before and after shots of that because it was so muggy my paint wouldn't dry. But, here's a quick hint of what I've done...the floor (which also doubles as the shower floor with a drain in the middle) was rusty and pretty nasty. So, I grabbed a can of porch and floor paint in dark grey and used that (totally water proof, etc.) for a clean, dramatic look. While I waited for the paint to dry, I grabbed a cup of Joe and talked to my Joe...which reminds me of another little secret I discovered. I don't function in the morning until I've had at least two cups of coffee. On my maiden camping voyage my incredibly lovely mother-in-law, Peggy, made coffee by boiling water on her outdoor propane stove. This process took twenty minutes. By the time it was finished I was chewing bark off the trees around our campsite! Then I came home and discovered a lovely little secret at my local Starbucks...INSTANT COFFEE. Now, the thought of instant coffee often conjures up the image of watered down, tasteless coffee. This is far different from that! Dare I say, it's delicious, and I need not tell you what a coffee snob I am! Simply add hot water, stir and enjoy! Boxes of twelve of Starbucks VIA coffee start at $8.99, come in different flavors and ranges, and are available in stores and online at Impatient like me? Wait not more, instant is just a few seconds away!

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  1. When we first got Harvey the RV, I was on a search for the perfect coffee pot to have in there. It had to be smallish with a 10 ft. footprint I don't have much room for luxuries but my coffee is NOT a's a must. I, like you NEED my coffee and NEED it first thing.
    Looking at the small 4 cup Mr. Coffee's which give you ONE real cup didn't thrill me, nor did having a glass carafe to get broken.
    Check these out....perfect...and give 2 good size mugs and it brews quickly or set the timer. Perfect for us!!!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=951dc7972bfd90fb&biw=1280&bih=894