Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I love a rainy day

I was born in Seattle so, naturally, I love a rainy day. Today where I live on the opposite coast it is raining cats and angry dogs, so I've decided to head out to pick up a few extra things for Louis since it doesn't look like I'll be able to finish my painting project in the bathroom any time soon. So, I jumped in the sleigh and headed to the north pole. Actually, I jumped in my Land Cruiser and headed north to Poughkeepsie, New York to the Christmas Tree store where I found these great curtains for Louis for $5.99!!! The valance fits the front and rear windows perfectly, and each set comes with a valance and two 36" curtains. I love, love, love them and it saved me from sewing!!!
HERE'S WHAT I DID: Stopped into the Christmas Tree Store and found this great set of curtains (two panels and a valance) for $5.99/set. Initially I had gone to Michael's arts and crafts store and purchased sewing tape (easily applied to back of fabric and either ironed on or double stick taped to create seam), but this is a much easier solution. And, because they're so inexpensive I can still make my Michael's version and, just like in my home, change out the look periodically to keep it fresh and interesting!
WHAT IT COST ME: $5.99 for a set, I bought THREE so I could put two valances on the front cafe window. You'll also notice the striped tablecloth I bought for $2.99. My idea? Place a piece of rope or window rubber (similar to what I used on the screen project) and roll it under one side, similar to piping on a chair or sofa. Then I will place that end in my awning strip on the trailer. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, we'll see. In the end, it's only $2.99 so if it won't work as a cheap awning, I'll recover a few outdoor chairs and use them when I'm camped at home!


  1. I love the curtain choice! I am contemplating what curtains I'll use when I'm done with the painting, a job I didn't expect to be so...difficult, all those doors and corners...
    anyway, I'm thinking of making my own curtain hardware. May I ask what you used here?

  2. Once again, you're amazing! I just ordered material from ebay to make curtains throughout--when the time comes. I can't believe the inexpensive finds you come across!!! Just keep inspiring!!!!