Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling a little blue

A quick glimpse at my renovation receipts and, shock of all shock, the most money I spent was on SPRAY PAINT from walmart that I (bless my heart) thought looked close enough to the Scotty Aqua/Turquoise (I think it was a tad too blue). I've read on one of the two Scotty sites that some believe the 1979 HiLander switched to a Brown trim and moved away from the Aqua. This is NOT the case with Louis, as after I peeled off the Pizza Hut red I revealed the original color underneath with the yellow at the front. While normally I would take that sample in to Lowe's or Ace and have them scan it to match the color, I noticed on the SSCE site the color formula for the Aqua. The only difference when I went to Lowe's was they no longer sell oil based paint for environmental reasons. The previous owner brushed the red and silver colors on and I don't feel like sanding the entire trailer, so will do the same. I, however, like to splurge on a nice brush so purchased a Purdy brush. I bought exterior and interior high gloss and went to town! Yes, some might say I went a bit too far, but had a blast matching my new cooler with the old Scotty colors. To jazz up my cabinet doors a bit I added the color to the center panels. I love it and am so happy to have the matching formula!
WHAT I DID: Purchased a quart of exterior and one quart of interior HIGH GLOSS VALSPAR paint in this formula: Base 1, 101-5.5, 102-6.5, 103-31

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