Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the rear

There's been a lot of talk about my rear-end lately, actually Louis behind, because I'm trying to figure out where to place the air conditioning unit without jeopardizing the overall look of my Scotty. Chances are John Serro didn't have a giant GE humming behind his head as he slept in his Scotty's, so why should I...was my initial thought. Then, humidity forced me to come to my sense. So this weekend I perched on a chair in front of Louis with a cold margarita and drew a plan to install a rear window with hinges, allowing me to slip in a unit while at camp and remove it when I didn't need it. Thanks to one of my SSCE buddies, Wendy, I have a better idea. I believe the rear trunk area on Louis was not original to the design, but I could be wrong. I have a tiny hatch in the back of the trailer to access items stored under the rear bed. So, smart Wendy came up with a brilliant idea...stick the ac unit THERE. Humm. Why the heck didn't I think of that? The opening is 14" high by 24" wide, perfect for slipping in an ac. In an effort to shave some pounds off his rear while in tow, I will NOT do a permanent install. Instead, I can still use the area for storage, etc. and when it's hot and muggy outside, I can slip the ac unit in the back and chill out. This weekend my first project will be cutting a hole under the bed area from the inside, installing a grate over it (I happen to have a stainless panel left from some interior cabinetry work I did on our house) and prepping the storage area with tracks on either side to support the ac. One more example of where it pays to have good connections. Thanks, Wendy, for helping me cool down on a hot summer night!


  1. That is so awesome that you have that little door in the rear!! It's the perfect place to put an AC! Isn't Wendy great?

  2. Uhhh Paul,
    You'd better bring a blender if or I should say WHEN...(lol) we go to Acadia because I LOVE a good Margarita!!