Friday, July 22, 2011

Exposing my back side

It aint always pretty, I know, but I felt the need to let it all hang out because, quite honestly, I can't do this one on my own. And, if you're in my relationship boat and have a partner with zero interest in helping on a restoration project, then you know where I'm coming from. In my research, chats, and midnight browsing of Scotty's on ebay, the SSCE and NSSO sites, I've learned that no two Scotty's were made EXACTLY alike, which makes this project a wee bit difficult. As mentioned in previous posts, I ripped the AC unit out of the back of Louis mainly for aesthetic purposes. Now, in the heat of summer (and I promised not to complain anymore about this, but Jesus, when did we move to Vietnam??) I'm beginning to see the value in having a cooling option on hot days. Now, the designer in me is taking a slightly different approach to this project. Because I still feel the AC unit in the rear is a bit of an eyesore (and heavy in tow), I thought of creating a hinged window...stay with me here...I'd like to replace the space left by the previous owner with a new (old, that is) Scotty window and hinge it on the bottom. That way, for winter or spring campouts when an AC isn't necessary, I can keep the unit at home and enjoy the nice window. When it's hot, humid, and I want to scratch my face off I can lower the window, insert the ac and enjoy a calm, cool vacation. So, here's the plan (and where I need suggestions, please). I'd like to create a seamless frame along the side of the window which, in turn, will act as supports when I put the window down for the AC. I've got the window design, hinges, etc. in my mind, but the question I'll put out there (and email me at paul@paulhechtdesigns with suggestions), is how to insulate the edges when in ac mode to keep the other summer annoyances out..BUGS! So, I think I can manage the window but need advice on the rest. And off I go.......

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