Friday, July 8, 2011

Movin' on UP

Louis has come a long way in the last few months. When I set out on this mission to find an inexpensive trailer I never thought I would find something as interesting, yet challenging, as this little Scotty. Despite the many challenges along the restoration way (my budget being the main one) I never lost focus of my main goal: to create a cool weekend escape on wheels where I can get away from the haste of my day and retire to the cool, comfort of the great outdoors. I've had a few people email me from the Scotty group for advice on how to restore their trailers and, while they loved the photos of my work, they were most impressed by my total lack of trailer restoration knowledge! Humm, now that's a first! But, I understand what they were looking for. When I walk into my mechanic and describe what rattle is banging around the explanation is often heard as though I were in the first day of an advanced Chinese course (I've only studied Spanish and French). In other words, the easiest explanation is often the best. Amy and Wendy, who are pushing ahead with their restorations with gusto, have emailed asking various how-to questions and have met many, many bumps in the road. So, to them and for them, I take a quick peak back for a look at my process over the last few months. I don't have a garage to work in, I don't have an interested partner in restoration crime to work with, I only have my tools, a tiny budget and the help from my Scotty friends. I will tell you what I tell my design clients. Don't get overwhelmed in the messy details. When you start to paint a room you will think it's never going to end. Focus on that wall, that room and THEN the bigger project gets smaller and smaller.

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  1. So, where was this cool comfort of the great outdoors? :-) Love ya!!!