Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joanie loves Tchotchke

I'm sure the die hard Scotty restorers will simply look at this and move right on to someone else's blog, but the little pieces of any project are always part of the bigger picture, in my mind. We recently moved from California to New York state, and don't get me wrong, I love our new home in the Hudson Valley. However, I can't stand the humidity! When I open our front door and walk outside, it feels like Oprah has tackled me wearing a wool suit. Hot, still, suffocating and totally disgusting. So, to escape the heat I've turned my focus to accessorizing Louis. After my maiden voyage last month I commented to one of our members that I didn't understand how larger individuals snuck into the dinette area. I'm not a big person at all (5' 11" and 165lbs) and I can barely do it without knocking everything off my table. I LOVE the original table and plan on finding vintage Scotty blue Formica someday when I can afford it, but for now I just want a comfortable space where I can hang out with Joe, sip a vodka tonic and enjoy Louis. So, I removed the table and created an area under my daybed in the back to store it in a safe place (details of HOW I did this will come in a later blog). I then popped over to Ikea and purchased this great stainless folding table I can use in or outside for $12. It's perfect for two people and makes plenty of room for easy entry and exit. Of course I couldn't stop just at Ikea. It's no secret that I love to collect everything from yellow ware and McCoy pottery to Jadeite and fiesta ware. Yes, I love tchotchke's, but I like to think my approach is fairly tasteful. So, now, my obsession is everything 70's I can find. Target had a sale on these modern-looking cocktail napkins and Scotty blue stripe for $.50/pack. I found the reversible placemats at walmart for$1.99, the vintage metal picnic basket with faux-wood grain finish (figured I would use this as a nightstand next to the bed, place books and flashlight, etc. in it) was purchased at an antique store for $10 and my favorite find to date is another Ikea find: the solar powered, adjustable lamp for $19.99! Simply pop out the solar panel, let sit in the sun for at least twelve hours then enjoy a bright night (well, at least six hours!). So, as my "Louis List" sits with no additional red check marks next to projects, I'm closer to having enough camping accessories to make it a guaranteed good time!
WHAT I DID: While sitting in an air-conditioned Starbucks (our hundred year old farmhouse does NOT have air-conditioning), I jumped on my ipad and created a design on my house planner app. I'm trying to figure out a good place to install my new air conditioner without it looking horrible. When it cools down I'll attack that project, in the meantime I picked up awesome things for my next campout at Target, walmart and Ikea. Nothing too expensive, just fun things I can use for years to come.
(and, yes, you'll notice my back cushions are missing in these photos as I'm attempting to teach myself how to sew. THIS should be interesting and will also be a later blog!)


  1. Paul, you can do anything you put your mind to!! Go forth and SEW!!! :-)

  2. You are picking one of the hardest things to start out on.
    I don't think I'd even attempt that!!!