Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooler heads prevail

I think I've officially complained about the summer heat in the northeast enough, so in an attempt to cool myself down I plopped an air conditioning unit in Louis' window (to test the weight, where I might need extra supports when at camp, etc.) and got to work on a few interior tweaks. When I design a home, including my own, I have a plan in mind but rarely do I ever stick to that plan. A design plan may look perfect on paper, but in the room reality can look very different. Joe is often frustrated when he comes home from a long day, throws his keys where the key-catch was that morning, only to discover I have moved it to another room. What can I say, I enjoy a little variety, so tend to re-design our rooms every other month. So, why should my Scotty be any different? I like testing textures, colors, etc. and had a problem with my original Dometic refrigerator. When I brought Louis home the refrigerator, while in working condition, looked better suited for the set of the "Brady Bunch." In fact, it looked like it hadn't been touched since the 70's; rusted, moldy, and in dire need of attention, I wanted to give it a bit of a face lift. Originally I thought stainless steel paint would be the best choice, but a few months later, true to form, I changed my mind. This old Dometic, in my opinion, looks much better in a cool, Scotty blue!
HERE'S WHAT I DID: To rid this old fridge of it's musty smell I cleaned it thoroughly, inside and out, with Clorox bleach and prepped the outside with a good-old brillo pad to get rid of the chipping paint and rust spots. After priming with a few coats of Z-primer, I applied two coats of the same semi-gloss Scotty Aqua paint I bought at Lowe's (formula is in a previous blog or on the SSCE site). The extra coat of primer means it will stand the test of a few finger nail scratchings and still look fabulous!
WHAT IT COST AND HOW LONG IT TOOK: This project cost me nothing because I used paint from a previous project and had the brillo pads. Including waiting for the paint to dry (with air-conditioning running), total time for project was under an hour.

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  1. That looks AWESOME!!! Great Job!!
    Now what's that picture you have hanging on the wall????