Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Counter Productive

I'll admit my A.D.D is all over the map (isn't that what ADD is anyway??), so after purchasing another tube of proflex to ensure my roof is sealed tight, as I got the ladder out to head up to finish the task, I remembered five other little projects I wanted to knock off my list. While Joe laughed at me as I zigged and zagged all over our yard with various tools in hand, I knew I was being productive as I worked through my list. I'm envious of the gorgeous vintage countertops I've seen in trailers on both Scotty sites, but I just can't afford to put that money into Louis at this time. However, his counters leave a lot to be desired. Several stores sell contact paper that mimics countertop tile, but I just didn't want to go that route. Until my budget goes a little higher for this reno, I came up with a simple, quick, clean solution. I sanded and cleaned the counters, re-glued the trim strips and painted two coats of Porch and Floor paint in high gloss white. Because the finish is perfect for high-traffic, outdoor spaces I knew it would survive a few bumps and bruises from my camping dishes. Someday I'll have those vintage countertops, but for now they're looking pretty good!
HOW MUCH THIS COST ME: Actually, I used paint we already had so NOTHING. However, I purchased the quart at Home Depot for another project for $8.99!

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