Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flash Back Wednesday

With flash flood warnings zipping across the bottom of our television this morning as I sipped a cup of coffee and tried to watch the top stories, the first thought that came to mind was, "that damn trailer better not leak!" I used to love the rain, but after buying Louis and spending countless hours trying to fix every leak only to spring one this weekend in the middle of a huge storm, to say I felt defeated and overwhelmed is an understatement. So, to feel better about my progress (and help out someone who asked about doing a reno from the inside without a full skin replacement) I thought I would look back at a few pictures of what Louis looked like four short weeks ago. What I did was remove one piece at a time and, where wood was rotted, replaced it with a new piece in the exact spot. When I talk to a client about a renovation project, to keep them calm, I remind them to look at the individual pieces that need attention, not the project as a whole. If you try to think of every step that must happen to finish any project, it might seem overwhelming. Start with the simple steps. With that advice in my head, I went outside, lifted the tarp and was determined to figure out where Louis had sprung a leak. FOUND IT. One of the lights in the back of the trailer on the roof had lost its rubber coating, causing water to seep in and, in turn, ruin my day. But, I simply grabbed a tarp and will wait for a dry day to fix it. One step at a time. At least I was finally able to narrow in on this annoying little leak.

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