Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memory Weekend

Or shall I call it, "starting to LOSE my memory weekend" as I turned one year older on Saturday, I sat back to reflect on the last year and thought....well, who am I kidding, I sat back and thought about the last seven weeks of owning Louis and how much pleasure it has brought me. Before I head out on my maiden voyage on Friday with Joe's stepmother (the only person that will go with me...she's taking her pop up, I'll be in Louis) I proud of the work I've done for the (relatively) little money I've had to do it with. So, before I forget, here are the totals thus far on the work I've done on Louis, my great little Scotty:
Purchase Price: $500.00
NY Registration/Title Fee: $125.00 (yes, I passed out on the floor upon hearing that one!)
Aluminum for inside ceiling and repair walls: $145
Rustoleum paint for exterior (three colors): $55.00
Insulation from Home Depot: $27.50
Retro Aqua and Grey wallpaper from Amazon: $64.50
Canvas to use as fabric for dinette seats: $12.50
Aluminum tape for seams and roof: $5.50
New tires and bearings: $218.00
TOTALS (Minus purchase price and registration fee) $528.00
My goal was to spend no more than $500 in this first round of restorations, so I think I'm pretty close. Now, obviously I haven't included the thousands of great things SCOTTY I've found on ebay and elsewhere, like the smudge pots photographed here on my astroturf (6x8 astroturf rug was $18.50 on Amazon, smudge pots were $25 at Plow & Hearth and keep the bugs away while looking cool and retro), my solar lights from Ikea, etc. What I learned this weekend is that this entire process is energizing and fun AND, while I didn't camp this weekend, I had just as fun making my own party in our backyard. Of course, I'm headed out to the trailer soon to push ahead with my bathroom project and many, many more so keep coming back for stories from this little guy doing a little trailer reno!

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