Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Sh*t!

Well, it finally happened. I've been storing my tools in the bathroom of Louis and finally got brave enough to open the door, remove the tools and figure this room out. Why I'm so perplexed by this area is still beyond me. Maybe it's the thought that people have used this for more than thirty years and how do I actually CLEAN thirty years of junk out of my trailer. Or, more likely, it's just the practicality of this room. Quite honestly, I most likely won't ever use it if I'm at a camp ground unless nature calls in the middle of the night. I certainly won't ever use the shower (because, of course, I like long, hot showers) but the designer in me wants to maintain the integrity of my Scotty, so I've decided to redo this room and started by reaching out to both Scotty trailer groups to figure out where to start. What a wealth of information that was! So, here goes...check back for after pics. In the's what I learned this week:
1.) humidity hit the east coast this week and the inside of Louis sweat just as much as I did! So, I hooked up our LG dehumidifier (purchased at Home Depot for $250, which usually lives in our basement in the summer months) and let it go. LESSON LEARNED: Don't do this on a hot day, wait to do it at night and crack a window. My newly laid wood floors buckled and so did I! However, I quickly re-glued them, placed heavy weights on them and today they're back to normal.
2.) Aluminum siding tape (from the Home Depot for $5.50 a roll) is the best thing since sliced bread. For whatever my caulk didn't dry before a storm passed through earlier in the week and the back right light leaked once again. Desperate for it to STOP, I placed aluminum tape around it and WOWZAH, problem solved!
3.) I usually hate anything scented (candles, etc.) but Home Depot and Lowe's both sell a great room deodorizer (actually absorbs smelly odors) for $3, which works like a charm.
4.) My best purchase yet for Louis: solar powered outdoor indoor lights. Lasted all week inside and create great light on their own and..
5.) I purchased an 8x10 astorturf rug on for $15 and battery operated fan for $5.

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