Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on my Trailer wall...

The Google Blogger system has been down for a little over a day, so I'm catching up a bit. So, one of my finds while shopping for clients homes were these cool, retro round mirrors at Ikea for $19.99. They're simple, chic and totally perfect for the Scotty, so I wanted to put it somewhere. The front side of the bathroom wall proved to be a perfect spot because it gives the person sitting there the allusion that the space is bigger and not as cramped, and you can lean against the window wall and still see the action that's going on outside. To mount the mirror I headed to the hardware store and picked up metal mirror brackets, worried the plastic ones would be less sturdy. Took two seconds and I love the result!

1 comment:

  1. Mirrors are a good way to enhance your space. I wish you could have posted a whole picture of your trailer so that I could catch a glimpse of your space.

    Kelvin Coleman