Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When it rains it pours right off!

I noticed a few questions on various trailer sites this weekend about painting the outside of a trailer, and here's what I did to make Louis shine when he was far from divine (if you've forgotten what he looked like when I brought him home, just scroll up and look at the lead photo on this site...yep, he was quite a sight to be seen!). Because I don't have the time or money to do a complete overhaul of Louis, I simply wanted to repaint him. The previous owners had painted the burgundy color with a paintbrush, with thick brush strokes present in the application. While remaining true to the Scotty heritage of trailers, with it's signature Aqua colors, I also wanted to make this trailer my own. So, the color scheme on my trailer is silver, aqua and white. I chose to use ALL Rustoleum paints, because in my many years of interior design and construction work, Rustoleum paints tend to stand the test of time on decks, outdoor sheds and fences, etc. So, I sanded the entire trailer down with a wire brush and started applying the paint. After two weeks of almost non-stop rain, one look at Louis and I can see how wise it was to use Rustoleum (if you look closely you can see the water bubbles and rolls down, just like it's supposed to do). Other paints, like outdoor house paint (which many people have tried on trailers) doesn't do the same thing. So, if you're looking to paint, look no further than the aisles of Walmart for Rustolem's collection. If you are color matching, Ace True Value also carries Rustoleum and will colormatch anything. (upon close examination you will also notice the Scotty emblem I picked up on ebay, clearly it isn't the proper one for the exterior but, until I find the right one this will have to do!)

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