Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ouch, and other lessons learned

The title of this blog, Aqua With Envy, kinda says it all. I haven't blogged in over a week because the perfectionist in me was embarrassed after cruising the Serro Scotty Enthusiasts website and reviewing the totally fantastic, PERFECT rebuilds of its members Scotty's. I'm envious of the drive, passion and love people have for these little gems. I wish I had the time, patience and money to completely restore Louis to his old glory, but I just don't. So my "paste it together and make it work" strategy often gets me down when I look at the sheer genius people have put into their trailers. But, I got over that last night when I sat in my Scotty, sipping a cheap glass of white wine and reviewing what I have done since my last post. Well, first things first. A painful lesson I learned in my Attention Deficit Haze of attacking ten projects at once, I zipped around the front of the trailer (the tongue) and boy did I ever get a tongue lashing! One quick hit to the shin, and I'll never do that again! To ensure I never make that mistake, I placed a bright orange cone infront of the trailer A.) so no one pulls too close and B.) so this distracted trailer buff doesn't smash my shin again! So, my find this week was Martha Stewart Storage bins at Home Depot for $5.95/each. I was planning on building an under bed storage area but didn't want to block my access to the side compartments or the rear trunk area, so these seemed like a great storage solution for towels, clothes and other camping essentials. Next up was my stove, and boy was it a mess!! In unscrewing the top, it revealed pieces of the wall that had fallen next to the burners, an old lighter (thank God I found that one!) and many other bits of junk and grime. I took a brillo pad and sandpaper to get rid of rust stains, and used my same can of Rustolieum spray paint in Aqua (Beach Blue) I picked up at Wal-Mart and a can of Rustoleum black appliance paint in mat finish I also found at Wal Mart for $2.77. For an inexpensive solution, I think I brightened up this dull stove in a few minutes!
WHAT I DID: Took the two screws out of the stove from the front, carefully pulled out the burner clips and burners, washed them thoroughly, painted them in open air with the appliance paint and reinstalled.
HOW LONG IT TOOK: About a half hour from start to dry time.
DIFFICULTY: Not at all!


  1. Paul, your repaint came out great. I do love the storage bins. I have that same set-up in the front of my trailer. I think taking the doors off would work, although, we might have to reframe to strengthen the sides. There is a water holding tank under there as well. I'll have to measure the space in front of the tank to see if the bins will work. At any rate, it is what I want to do. My stove is a deep red/orange, which is the color scheme I am going for. Thanks for all your (so useful) info. It's really helping me a lot.

  2. Paul, just another thought. Can the drop cloths you used for the cushions be dyed??? I think it is a great and cost-saving idea. I can't use white...I have know...those little (lovable) creatures that put there feet everywhere!!!!
    Thanks, Jeanie

  3. Paul, how can you be envious of the others??? Yours is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I just got mine last Sunday and haven't gotten to even sit in it for very long! Husband is fixing some of the basic wiring, etc., and then I'm going to work on the inside. ADHD is an awful thing when it comes to stuff like this!! :-( I LOVE your notebook idea! I started just a little journal book, but I think your setup is the way to go. THANKS!!!!!